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   Single-Family Residence       Single-Family Residence         
   Austin, TX                              Coral Springs, FL                   
   Loan Amount: $558,700        Loan Amount: $591,200        






  Detached PUD                        Single-Family Residence
  Miramar, FL                            Detroit, MI
  Loan Amount: $525,000         Loan Amount: $393,700



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Note: The Key to acquiring private hard money is purchasing below true AS IS Value (AIV).  Keep in mind that LTV is based upon property State area locations. e.g. 90% Deal: True AIV $180.000 Purchased at $140,000 [property State & area approved for 90%LTV] or $126,000 Loan + 10% down. Moreover, say $20,000 rehab funds are needed, these funds are also provided, so essentially making this a 100% loan. But, keep in mind rehab funds are paid by the investor & reimbursed generally 3 in draws issued after each property inspection & approval.

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Some investors get caught up in hard money politics when trying to secure a hard money loan. It is good for real estate investors to know the difference between hard money vs soft money. Private hard money can also be soft money in the world of buying and flipping real estate deals. Also hard money loan rates can also be a challenge for buy/flip deals. However hard money lending is needed in order to boost our economy. It is necessary to provide hard money loans for real estate investors. There are still hard money loans for bad credit available in the hard money loan market.