Hard Money - No Upfront Fees! No Hidden Junk Fees!

   Low As 1.0% Orig.-Rates Low As 8.0%

We provide a very unique loan source for real estate buy/flip investors.

* Unique access to purchase high quality mortgage assets...

* Turnkey investing in mortgage that only takes a few clicks

* Significant volumes to achieve scale and results quickly                                            

* Objective data-driven credit decisioning and pricing process

* High quality standards enabled by automation and technology

* A lightning fast process to apply in minutes and close in days

* Investor non-conforming borrower hard money source

We brought together the best technology, operations, and data to build the next generation mortgage platform. This mean rethinking customer acquisition, user experience, credit analysis, underwriting, operational efficiency, loan servicing, capital markets, financial automation, consumer brand, and more.



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