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Simple Application. Fast Close. Reliable Process. We offer the best simple clear way to acquiring private hard money...minimum loan $75k!


Do you need a loan on an investment property? Closing buy/flip sfr, townhome 4pex properties is the areas we specialize in. We provide short-term Bridge Loans for acquisition or rehab and longer term financing for single-asset rental loans as well. 


EZhardMoney process was built from the ground up to be simple, fast, and reliable. We're your lending source. Not a bank.


1-800-972-1058 ext 802 Toll Free  (404)-399-4462 On Call Representative

.A direct private hard money lender with low as2.5% origination + rates low as 8.00%. Some investors get caught up in hard money politics when trying to secure a hard money loan. It is good for real estate investors to know the difference between hard money vs soft money. Private hard money can also be soft money in the world of buying and flipping real estate deals. Also hard money loan rates can also be a challenge for buy/flip deals. However hard money lending is needed in order to boost our economy. It is necessary to provide hard money loans for real estate investors. There are still hard money loans for bad credit available in the hard money loan market.


Down to 550 FICO!

No Credit Check For  Business 1yr Plus!

No Income Docs!

10-15 Day Closings!

Purchase+Rehab Loan! 

N/O/O Investor Refi's!

No Appraisals!

No Tax Forms!

States:AZ, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, Virginia and West Virginia

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